About Us

The company was established in 1973 , our company has given many years of experience in the production of metal parts used in furniture industry, we have been a leading company in the sector. Our company has served in various production processes.

Automotive sub-producer, manufacture sanitary fittings , bathroom accessories production, metal furniture accesories and metal chair frames are the examples of some of our activities . After all this experience in manufacturing YENİCE especially focused on metal chairs and metal furniture parts.


– Electrophoretic Coating (Copper, Gold, Smoked)
– Electrostatic Painting
– Tooling ( metal and plastic mold production)
– Pressing
– Cutting
– Automat & Revolver
– Drilling
– Bending ( Pipe, Profile , Hair )
– Welding ( MIG, MAG , electrot, Punta , silver solder )
– Polishing
– Laser Cutting

Our goal is to be the leading producer of metal chair frames and metal furniture parts.